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Fan Gear First connects you to your favorite TV shows from curated collectibles in a monthly subscription box to insider info on the cast, characters, show and special events connecting you online, with Twitter chats, interviews, personalized photos, behind-the-scenes, specially curated fan content, birthday wishes, and more.

We bring what’s happening in television entertainment to you. With over 1700 television shows created each year, we help you discover shows you might not know about and help those shows find fans for year round news and updates.

Monthly Deliveries

In a world where everything is virtual, we’re delivering a box to your door that holds specially curated items from at least 10 TV Shows, studios, networks, or productions worth over $100 along with access to special website with more insider info designed to keep you informed.

Plus each month, one lucky, random subscriber will get the “gold ticket” box valued at over $500 sent to them. We’ll also have a special box valued at over $250 for the best “unboxing experience” shared online by a subscriber each month.

Giving Back

We’re committed to supporting the ‘arts and crafts’ of creating television shows. Each month we will feature a celebrity cause and make a 10% donation to their cause!

Get the monthly subscription box and save 10% off your monthly subscription for life! find out more by clicking here. If you’re an influencer in the entertainment industry, you can qualify for a free box each month!

We’re also gifting to non-profits founded by TV icons like Raphael Sbarge, Ed Begley Jr. and Sharon Lawrence’s “Green Wish” charity supporting smaller local organizations, find out more by clicking here.

Join today and we’ll notify you when the first Fan Gear Firstbox is ready to ship.


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