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For TV Shows

Community Focused

We bring what’s happening in television entertainment and build a fan community for your shows. With over 1700 television shows created each year, we help fans discover shows they might not know about and help those shows find and keep fans with year round news and updates.

How do TV Show Producers Connect to their Target Audience and Turn them into fans-

Monthly Deliveries

In a world where everything is virtual, we’re delivering a box to subscribers with specially curated items from at least 10 TV Shows, studios, networks, or productions worth over $100 along with access to special website managed by our team with more insider info designed to keep your fans informed and connect them with your shows.

To make things fun and buzzed about, each month, one lucky, random subscriber will get the “gold ticket” box valued at over $500 sent to them. We’ll also have a special box valued at over $250 for the best “unboxing experience” shared online by a subscriber each month.

Plus you’ll benefit from our media outlet connection… and the Red Carpet Report team with their newly launched microsite TV Fan News.

Giving Back

We’re committed to supporting the ‘arts and crafts’ of creating television shows. In fact, our founders are active members of the Television Academy’s Interactive Media Peer Group and our team are members of various guilds from SAG to the WGA. We understand the changing landscape of connecting your shows to its fan base and helping it grow.

We’re also gifting to non-profits founded by TV icons like Raphael Sbarge, Ed Begley Jr. and Sharon Lawrence’s “Green Wish” charity supporting smaller local organizations.

Interested in having your show in our Fan Gear First box?

We’re planning on launching the first box in Fall 2017. We have a plan for your show – big or small budget. Find out more by getting in touch.

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